Land Grants at the Cowpasture River 1812

On 25 August 1812, Governor Lachlan Macquarie granted 25 small farms to a group of ex-convicts; free settlers and retired soldiers. The district was called Upper Minto and the land was situated along the eastern bank of the Cowpasture River (later known as the Nepean River) at Elderslie. This group of families would later form the settlements of Narellan and Camden, south of Sydney. 

Chapman, Robert
Condron, John
Fletcher, Henrietta
Galvin, Thomas
Geary, Michael
Gilbert, Thomas
Herbert, Thomas
Higgins, Robert
Hoare, John
Howson, John
Jackson, Barrow
Jackson, John
Johnson, Edward
Jones, Thomas
Knight, Isaac
Lamb, Edward
Love, John
McLucas, Daniel
Nettleton, Joseph
Parrott, William
Richards, William
Scott, Joseph
Trotter, Thomas
Tyson, William
Wells, William

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